Sitafal Rabdi

Sitaphal Basundi I Custard Apple Basundi | Sitaphal Rabdi | Sitaphal Basundi ‘Sitaphal Rabdi’ Recipe is a delicious and clever way of sweetening the rabdi with the de-seeded custard apple chunks.


Doodh penda is a popular INDIAN SWEET made with milk, sugar, and a flavoring ingredient like cardamom or saffron. Traditionally penda is made by simmering milk for prolonged hours to obtain the evaporated milk solids known as khoya, khoya, or mawa.

Dudhi Halwa

Dudhi halwa is also called as Lauki halwa. It is a rich Indian sweet & as well as rich in health made with bottle gourd.

Fried Peanuts

How to make Fried Peanuts – Crispy and spicy peanuts.

Farali Handvo

Farali Handvo on Bachelor Recipe. Handvo is the most popular Gujarati dish, It is also known as vegetable cake.