Chapati (fulka)

Preparation Time: 30 min

Cook Time: 20 min

Total Time: 30 min

Servings: 10


  • 1kg – Wheat flour
  • 17g – Salt
  • 190g – Oil
  • 500g – Water or as required


  1. Measure and keep all the ingredients ready for the Roti (fulka).
  2. In a bowl add wheat flour, salt, oil & mix well.
  3. Then add water & mix well. keep it side for 15-20 min.
  4. Then add some oil and make it smooth dough.
  5. Make equally 40 balls & spread wheat flour. At side keep iron tava & start flame untill it become hot.
  6. Take a ball and roll it flat round circle.
  7. Keep on iron tava till some bubbles come on border side.
  8. Turn and cook the other side. this should be a little bit more cooked than the first side.
  9. Now hold the roti with a tong and keep the first side which was cooked, directly on fire. Roti will start to puff.
  10. Remove and apply ghee on the rotis. Applying ghee or oil keep them soft for a long time. Rotis made with this method is ideally served hot. If you cannot serve them hot, then you can keep them in a container that keeps food warm.
  11. Store in casserole or in a roti basket or Serve hot.


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